It is important for us to illustrate our range of services on the basis of examples. That way, you can get an idea of how we work and what we can do in advance. However, the case studies do not cover all our projects by far.

If you have any questions about special pumps for your company, feel free to contact us. We are happy to develop and produce your pumps together with you.

Heinz Maschinenbau has the experience, the capacity and the necessary know-how to supply industrial companies with specially designed pumps. From the joint development of the required pumps through the standard production to the smooth logistics, which includes both the storage and the delivery (also just-in-time) to each destination country, we offer you everything related to your pump project.

Case studies

Heinz Maschinenbau
Case studies, examples, references.

Case study – Pumps for machine manufacturer
For a machine manufacturer we have been supplying more than 100 pumps every month for 60 years. In the event that machines are running outside of Europe, we adapt these pumps to the modalities of each country of operation.

Case study – Pumpen für Hersteller von Schleifmaschinen
In addition to a series of standard pumps, we also regularly deliver supply pumps with special immersion depths and special voltages for a manufacturer of grinding machines.