Heinz Maschinenbau develops and builds pumps that will reliably accompany your machines for decades. We feel at home wherever chips fly and liquids are moved. Whether it is the simple, reliable submersible pump or the robust pump for grinding machines or high-pressure pumps for high-end processes, we can meet your needs. Together with you we will find the specific solution of transporting different mediums.

Our specialty is specific designs of pumps for the industry. Please contact us. We also build your pump.

Flow rate: up to 500 l / min. Pressure: more than 45 bar. Immersion depth: from 70 mm to 1000 mm. Temperature: up to 250 °C.


Immersion pumps HK01, HK2 und HK 3

Immersion pumps suitable for coolants or oil with flow rates up to 100 l/min

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Immersion pumps HK4, HK5, HK6

For inflated liquids, modifiable as coolant supply lifting pump

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High pressure immersion pumps HK 70, HK9

Seal less High pressure pumps up to 50 bar pressure and flow rates to 80 l/min

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Centrifugal pumps

Our Centrifugal pumps regular- or self-priming are suitable for water, oils and dielectric fluids

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